2021 Chenpei’s PhD Qualify Exam during the COVID Pandemic.



2021 Xinyue’s and Debing’s PhD Commencement (Phinally Done!).




2021 Debing’s PhD Defense during COVID Pandemic. 
(Congratulations, Dr. Wei!)




2021 Xinyue’s PhD Defense during COVID Pandemic. 
(Congratulations, Dr. Zhang!)




2020 Xinyue’s PhD Proposal during COVID Pandemic. 
(Congratulations, Xinyue!)


2020 Pavana’s PhD Qualify Exam during the Critical COVID-19 Period.

2020 Farewell Lunch to Our Visiting PhD Students Liang (2 Years) and Maoqiang (1 Year).
Thank You Both for Your Great Contributions!!! 
(w/o Lobster vs w Lobster)




2020 Debing’s PhD Proposal during COVID Pandemic. 
(Congratulations, Debing!)


2020 Rui’s PhD Qualify Exam during the Critical COVID-19 Period.


2020 Jiahao’s Presentation and Poster at AAAI 20 in New York City, NY

2019 ANTS Members Attending IEEE GLOBECOM in Waikoloa, HI


2019 Jiahao’s Presentation and Student Volunteer Service at IEEE BigData in Los Angeles, CA


2019 Nice Organizing MobiQuitous and Meeting Everyone in Houston, TX

(Wonderful Keynote Speeches by Prof. Zixiang Xiong@TAMU and Prof. Gil Zussman@Columbia)


2019 WUWNet Organizing Committee and Dr. Pan’s TPC Co-Chair Service Award in Atlanta, GA

2019 Debing’s Presentation at WUWNet in Atlanta, GA

2019 Jiahao’s Presentation at Securecomm in Orlando, FL

2019 ANTS Group Attending ICDCS in Dallas, TX

(ANTS Group Dinner at Fat Ni BBQ; ANTS Group Picture with PC Chair Prof. Weili Wu@UTD).


2019 Farewell Party to Mounika and Jingyi at Nirmanz.


2019 Jingyi’s PhD Commencement (Phinally Done!).

2019 We Won Best Paper Award and TCGCC Best Conference Paper Award in ICC 2019.

2019 Senior Design: Awesome Android Based Fingerprint Authenticated Smart Lock
(Way Better Than August, <$200 Including the Wooden Door).

2019 Jingyi’s PhD Defense (Congratulations, Dr. Wang!).

2019 Jiahao’s PhD Qualify Exam.

2019 Dian’s PhD Qualify Exam.

2019 Prof. Moe Z. Win’s Visit.

2019 Our Collaborator UA Prof. Aijun Song’s Visit and Seminar on Underwater Acoustic Comms.


2019 BUPT Prof. Li Wang’s Visit and Big Group Party at Topgolf.

2018 Thanksgiving Party at Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot, Houston.

2018 Our Finland Collaborator Prof. Riku Jäntti’s Visit, and Nice Morning Running around Rice University.





2018 Mooncake Day Big Group Activities: Texas BBQ, Laser Tag, Bowling, Gravity Ropes, etc.

2018 Paintball Battle

2018 Mounika’s PhD Commencement (Phinally Done!).

2018 Mounika Won ECE Best Dissertation Award (Congratulations, Mouni!).

2018 Xinyue’s PhD Qualifying Exam.

2018 Mounika’s PhD Defense (Congratulations, Dr. Errapotu!).

2018 Jingyi’s PhD Proposal (Congratulations, Jingyi!).

2017 Roasted Whole Lamb.

2017 Jingyi’s Work Won Globecom Best Paper Award (Congratulations, Jingyi!).

2017 Steban’s Border Monitoring Research was Highlighted on Undergraduate Research Day at UH.

2017 Debing’s PhD Qualifying Exam.

2017 Mooncake Day (Handmade Snowskin Mooncake by Xinyue).



2017 Archery Development at X10 Archery.

2017 Lunch with NSF CPS supported students from Missouri S&T during summer.

2017 Mounika’s PhD Proposal (Congratulations, Mouni!).



2017 Indoor Rock Climbing at Texas Rock Gym.

2016 Globecom in Washington, DC.

2016 Thanksgiving.

2016 Gulf Coast International Dragon Boat Regatta.

2016 Escape Hunt.

2016 Jingyi’s PhD Qualifying Exam.

2016 Mounika’s PhD Qualifying Exam.

2016 Cruise Trip, Kemah, TX.

2015 Globecom in San Diego, CA (Best Paper Award).

2015 Thanksgiving.