Dr. Miao Pan

           Title: Assistant Professor, University of Houston
         Email: mpan2@uh.edu
 Web Page: http://www2.egr.uh.edu/~mpan2/

PhD Students

                  Ms. Jingyi Wang

           Title: Ph.D. Student (Fall, 2015 - )
        Email: jwang86@uh.edu
 Research: Cognitive Radio Networks, Wireless Data Privacy
           M.S.: Auburn University
Web Page: http://panlab.ece.uh.edu/jwang

                  Ms. Sai Mounika Errapotu

           Title: Ph.D. Student (Joint with Dr. Zhu Han, Fall, 2015 - )
        Email: serrapotu@uh.edu
 Research: Security and Privacy in Cyber-Physical Systems
           M.S.: University of Houston
Web Page: http://panlab.ece.uh.edu/serrapotu


                  Mr. Debing Wei

           Title: Ph.D. Student (Fall, 2016 - )
        Email: dwei3@uh.edu
 Research: Underwater Communications and Networking
           M.S.: North China Electric Power University
Web Page: http://panlab.ece.uh.edu/dwei

                  Ms. Xinyue Zhang

           Title: Ph.D. Student (Fall, 2016 - )
        Email: xzhang71@uh.edu
 Research: Cognitive Radio Networks, Cybersecurity
           B.S.: Beijing Jiaotong University
Web Page: http://panlab.ece.uh.edu/xzhang

                  Mr. Jiahao Ding

           Title: Ph.D. Student (Fall, 2017 - )
        Email: jding7@uh.edu 
 Research: Cognitive Radio Networks, Cybersecurity
           B.S.: University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Web Page: http://panlab.ece.uh.edu/jding

                  Mr. Dian Shi

           Title: Ph.D. Student (Fall, 2017 - )
        Email: dshi3@uh.edu 
 Research: Deep Learning Privacy
           B.S.: University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Web Page: http://panlab.ece.uh.edu/dshi

Undergraduate Students

                           Mr. Steban Soto

                      Title: Undergraduate Student (Summer, 2017 - )
                    Email: soto@uh.edu 
            Research: Border Monitoring and Security

                           Mr. Jayson Varughese

                      Title: Undergraduate Student (Spring, 2018 - )
                    Email: jevarughese@uh.edu 
            Research: Flooding Water Level Monitoring and Residential Privacy

Visiting Scholars

                           Dr. Ping Wang

                      Title: Assistant Professor
                    Email: pingwang@mail.xidian.edu.cn
            Affiliation: School of Telecommunication Engineering, Xidian University, China
    Visiting Period: October 2016 - October 2017

Visiting PhD Students

                           Mr. Feng Hu

                      Title: Ph.D. Student
                    Email: huf@nuaa.edu.cn
            Affiliation: College of Computer Science and Technology, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China
              Research: Cognitive radio communications and networking
    Visiting Period: March 2018 - September 2018

                           Mr. Xingwang Wang

                      Title: Ph.D. Student
                    Email: xw.wang1990@gmail.com
            Affiliation: College of Computer Science and Technology, Jilin University, China
              Research: Underwater communications and networking
    Visiting Period: October 2017 - April 2018


                           Yawei Pang

Initial Employment: Ph.D. Student, University of Florida
                          Email: yaweipang@gmail.com
                Graduated: M.S., August 2015

                           Yunan Gu

   Initial Employment: Ph.D. Student, University of Houston
Current Employment: Huawei, Beijing Research Center
                              Email: douyalalala@hotmail.com
                    Graduated: M.S., August 2013